Page 33 - Michigan DNR - Outdoor Adventure Center January – April 2020
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1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Michigan history nightmares with
local Author lynne Smyles
Learn about Michigan’s history in the exciting Michigan History Nightmares series by author and educator Lynne Smyles. Lynne wrote the series to enhance third and fourth graders’ understanding of their state’s history. Join us for a reading that will follow five students as they test new quantum computers that transport them to a parallel universe where they encounter terrifying challenges, including quicksand and cannonballs, as they learn the history of their state. Book sales and signing opportunity to follow.
FEE: Included with the price of admission.
SUNDAY, MARCH 29, 2020
2:00 PM
A Beaver tale: the Castors of
Connor’s Creek
Presentation by local author and illustrator Gerry Wykes
Mr. Wykes will be here with his children’s book “A Beaver Tale: The Castors of Connor’s Creek.” Come hear the story behind the inspiration of his book, the writing and illustration process, and of course, the story of the first family of Beaver to return to the Detroit River in over 100 years of being gone! Mr. Wykes will give a lively and informative presentation, with hands-on materials andaudienceparticipation. Booksigningand sales will be available.
FEE: Included with the price of admission.

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