Page 10 - RE/MAX of Southeastern Michigan Brand Brochure
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The RE/MAX hot air balloon is one of the most recognized corporate symbols on the planet, and understandablyso. TheRE/MAXballoongrabsattentionwhereveritflies.
Inlogoform,theRE/MAXballoonisevenmoreprevalent. Itadornscountlessbusinesscards,yardsigns, andmuchmore. Inotherwords,theRE/MAXballoonisvirtuallyeverywhere,andwhenpeopleseeit,they think of the local RE/MAX agents they know.
RE/MAXofSoutheasternMichiganhasitsveryownRE/MAXhotairballoonandballoonflyteam. From late spring to early fall, our balloon flies over popular venues like DTE Music Theatre and countless summer fairs and festivals, branding the RE/MAX name throughout the region, and keeping RE/MAX top of mind when consumers think about real estate.

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