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      Playground Program
     Frequently Asked Questions... Answers Everyone Should Know
Interested in this program, but have questions and want more information? Our website has information on FAQs along with our program and COVID-19 policies.
Q: Can my child walk home or do I pick them up?
A: At the time of registration you choose between two options:
Your child being allowed to come and go to the site as desired (staff will not keep a child at site)
You will only be sending a specific set of adults who your child may be released to (all named at the time of registration, who will show ID to the staff before your child may leave)
Q: What time is lunch?
A: Each site is closed for lunch from 11:45am – 12:30pm.
We will be offering an optional “Lunch Pass”. For an additional $45.00 for the summer, your child will be supervised at the site by our staff! Lunch is NOT provided, you must provide your own lunch.
Q: How do I know what my child will be doing each day?
A: Each Monday, the staff will have a newsletter and lesson plan available for each day of the week. These will also be available at our website This will help your child attend the activities they are most interested in.
Q: How is this program different from day care?
A: This program can be a great addition to your child’s summer, but it is NOT a daycare program. Children should be prepared to take part in each activity whether they attend one activity or all of them. For the most positive experience, review the weekly lesson plan with your child to plan their week accordingly.
Q: What if it is raining or severe weather?
A: Site will be closed for severe weather. Check our website for full weather policy.
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