Page 10 - Clinton Currents Winter 2017 Volume XVI Issue 4
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Page 10 Clinton Currents Winter 2017 Township adds more Police Officers
Millage funding realized
From left: Capt. Bruce Wade, Capt. Richard Maierle, police officers William Mangan, Nicholas Sterritt and Drake Davis, with Supervisor Robert Cannon.
Thanks to a renewed millage and a two-year hiring period, Clinton Township has reached its goal on the number of police officers to serve and protect township residents. At a recent swearing-in ceremony held at police headquarters, William Mangan, Nicholas Sterritt and Drake Davis officially joined the Township police department.
“Our fine police department is a direct result of our millage funding for 93 officers two years ago,” said Township Supervisor Robert Cannon. “I’m extremely proud of the department because of the quality of our police chief and administration, as well as the fine officers they have been hiring.”
Two of the officers come with previous experience on a police force. William Mangan worked for the city of Wayne, while Nick Sterritt, a military
veteran, was an officer in Farmington Hills and before that in Richmond, Virginia. Drake Davis graduated from Ferris State University with a degree in criminal justice and he completed the Police Academy program at Ferris as well. All three officers passed critical background examinations.
“We believe they are the best,”said Chief Fred Posavetz.“They will be a great addition to our department.”
New fire engines custom fit for Clinton Township
If you happen to notice a shiny, deep-red fire engine driving the streets of Clinton Township, it’s probably one of five brand new custom-designed fire engines that replaced an aged fleet of trucks for Clinton Township firefighters.
With the support of township residents who voted to approve the last millage proposal, the Fire Department was able to not only hire more firefighters but add the much needed fire engines as well.
“We were able to design these rigs to the
equipment we now carry,” said Randy
Kandt, Deputy Chief of Operations for the Clinton Township Fire Department. “They are HME brand and are state-of-the-art. They’re designed for our equipment, which includes fitting our emergency Advance Life Support equipment.”
Kandt said that having all five rigs the same makes it much easier to store and maintain the equipment the department already has in use. A new truck is stationed at each of the Township’s five fire stations.
“From the original six trucks we had, we sold four and kept the two best ones as spares,” said Kandt.
HME, the company that produced the custom-made trucks, is so proud of Clinton Township’s new fire engines, it plans to feature them in an upcoming calendar.

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