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Winter 2017 Clinton Currents Supervisor’s Message
Dear Friends,
As 2016 comes to a close, we are about to begin one of my favorite times of the year – the “giving season.” Giving thanks is most appropriate this time of year and I’d like to thank the residents and businesses of Clinton Township and the people who live and work all across Macomb County. Your generosity through the year has transcended political boundaries, as is evidenced by the tremendous support of many community programs and initiatives.
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For instance, The Goodfellows raised an incredible amount of money to make
sure that no child ever goes without a Christmas. In addition, I’ve seen
residents donate hundreds of bicycles to the new East Side Bike Drive.
The bikes will be given to children who can’t afford one, and right now many volunteers are working to return the bikes to good, safe, working condition. Also, I’m pleased to see many local officials, non-partisan and partisan alike, come together to fight the terrible prescription drug epidemic that affects people from all walks of life.
Even though this is the giving season, I want to remind our residents that as a Township, we receive no monies for roads. Road repair and maintenance is the job of the Macomb County Department of Roads. It’s also their job to plow the streets when the snow falls. However, several years ago, we asked the County if we can be the first contractor hired when they need help clearing our roads in a timely fashion and they agreed. Now, when the County contacts us during a snow event, we send our snow removal resources to the areas that they designate.
When I think of how unnerving the 2016 political process became, I am reminded that these conflicts come and go. What remains are the big-hearted, generous people of Macomb County who are always willing to give when asked. I especially appreciate the volunteers, who offer so much, ask for nothing in return and add so much to Clinton Township and its institutions. I am thankful and humbled that you elected me to lead your community again.
To all of you, have a happy holiday season.
Robert J. Cannon Supervisor
Clinton Township
Board of Trustees:
(l-r) Trustee Joe Aragona, Trustee Ken Pearl, Clerk Kim Meltzer, Supervisor Bob Cannon, Treasurer Paul Gieleghem, Trustee Joie West, Trustee Mike Keys
Supervisor Bob Cannon

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