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Page 6 Clinton Currents Winter 2017 A message from your Township Clerk
Clerk Kim Meltzer
To begin, I’d like to thank the many people who worked so hard to make the 2016 election cycle a smooth process. This includes first time election workers, those who are well- experienced, as well as and my incredible full-time and temporary staff. We were an effective team and I thank you for your professionalism and commitment to the people of Clinton Township.
I also want to thank the poll voters who demonstrated patience and kindness while waiting in line. This year, most voters came out in the morning. After 1 p.m. the lines were steady throughout the afternoon and then dropped off in the evening hours. Voter turnout in Clinton Township was more than 64 percent, with absentee ballots issued and returned at the highest in township history. Of the 16,938 absentee ballots issued, 97 percent, or 16,417 were returned.
Thank you Clinton Township!
New Civic Center parking lot goes “green” (continued from page1)
“The boulevard reduction and one-way driveway in front of the Civic Center were added to increase traffic flow safety, which was a concern that we tackled,” said Mary Bednar.
Green details
A major design aspect of the lot is its ability to channel rainwater off the paved surface in a way that naturally has less negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem, namely the Clinton River. By grading the pavement to direct water flow to a large spillway adds another green element. And the addition of natural stone and rocks to water flow paths allows for less erosion and helps to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. These mini reservoir islands are called bioswales, which are linear vegetated ditches designed to absorb water using native Michigan plantings. The bioswales direct water down, where it’s absorbed by the plants. Any remaining water heads into a runoff drain.
Light and the future
The last element of parking lot construction was the installation of exterior LED lights.
Future additions to the Civic Center campus include the addition of more bike and walking paths to connect the Tomlinson Arboretum and the Clinton-Macomb Public Library.
Mary Bedar

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