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Dog Obedience & Great Outdoors
Dog Obedience Classes
If you recently purchased a puppy or adopted dog, we have a perfect solution to help you
adjust to your new lifestyle as a pet owner. These classes are also great as a refresher course for those looking
to establish more obedient dogs.
Vaccinations required for all classes must be current – Rabies, DHLPP (puppies must have at least 2 of the series), and Bordetella (strongly suggested for puppies). Please bring a copy of your pet's vaccination records to the first class.
Minors taking classes must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian during their class period.
Location: The Canine Workshop
34300 Klein Fraser, MI 48026
Fee: $100.00 6 weeks
Puppy (10 weeks to 5 months) Introductory commands – leash walking, sit, down, come. Plus free useful tips on crate training, behavioral issues and socialization.
Monday, January 16
Monday, March 6
Monday, April 24
Sledding Hill Head to the hill
Thursday, January 5 Thursday, February 23 Thursday, April 13
7:45pm 154020-T1 7:45pm 154020-T2 7:45pm 254020-T1
Beginner (6 months and older) Basic commands with re-enforcing drills and hand signals.
Monday, January 9 Monday, February 20 Monday, April 3
Monday, January 9 Monday, February 20 Monday, April 3
Thursday, January 26 Thursday, March 9 Thursday, April 20
Time Activity 10:00am 154021-A1 10:00am 154021-A2 10:00am 254021-A1
7:30pm 154021-P1 7:30pm 154021-P2 7:30pm 254021-P1
7:30pm 154021-T1 7:30pm 254021-T1 7:30pm 254021-T2
• Metro Parkway from Hayes to Harper Avenue.
• Civic Center Woods, behind the Senior Center.
• Trail from Canal and Clinton River Road, to the corner of Clinton River Road and Romeo Plank.
Time Activity 6:30pm 154020-M1 6:30pm 254020-M1 6:30pm 254020-M2
Are you ready for some quality winter fun?
Then grab your sled and head over to the Civic Center Sledding Hill! Located just south of the Civic Center, this Sledding Hill will fulfill your need for a snow sledding adventure. The hill opens in December and remains open until late February, depending on weather. Plastic sleds and snow boards are allowed at the hill: however toboggans and metal runner sleds are prohibited.
Sledding hill is open everyday: 8:00am – 8:00pm (weather permitting)
Winter Trails
The additional $25 deposit (per dog) has been waived for these classes and will only be available for participants registered through CTPR.
Registration Online:

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