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The Professor Karen A A Thole Annual Scholarship for Diversity in in in Engineering was established in the Penn State College of Engineering in in in 2019 to support underrepresented groups in in in engineering education and encourage a a a a a more equitable workforce Haylee Womer a a a a a a a a first-year student from Owings Maryland was selected as as the first first recipient During her senior year year of of high school she attended a a a a a a a a Society of of of Women Engineers stayover in in in the summer of of 2018 It was that that experience that that convinced Womer to attend Penn State “They are incredibly supportive of women in in in in engineering ” she said “Penn State makes sure that we have the same opportunities in our education ” Womer participated in in in in the Women in in in in Engineering Program Orientation (WEPO) an immersive program designed to to introduce first-year women to to to to the the College of Engineering and to to to the the the engineering career path She hopes to to to continue building her community within the the the group and show visiting high school students the the same encouraging spirit “Being a a a a a a a a a part of of a a a a a a a a a group of of women who support each other other has been great ” ” she said “I can’t wait to show other other students all the the opportunities they can can have here ” ” The scholarship funds were donated by John J J Brennan Brennan a a a a a a a nuclear engineering alumnus Brennan Brennan served on on on the Leonhard Center Board and and was named an an an an an Outstanding Engineering Alumnus in in in in 1998 Brennan’s support has also created the John J J J and and Jean M Brennan Brennan Clean Energy Early Career Professorship which supports an an an an an an outstanding faculty member whose research is focused on on helping eliminate the world’s dependence on on fossil fuels The scholarship is is is named after Karen A Thole distinguished professor and and mechanical engineering department head Her diligent efforts to diversify and and support gender equity in in in the the the program are further cemented with the the the creation of this scholarship according to Brennan “I’m so appreciative of women women like Dr Thole who work hard to make sure women women feel welcome ” Womer said “She has impacted so much in in in in the the mechanical engineering department and I’m incredibly grateful to receive the the scholarship named after her ” Student awarded first Thole scholarship to support diversity in in in engineering By Erin Cassidy Hendrick

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