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U S S News and World Report has ranked Penn State’s mechanical engineering undergraduate program as No 14 in the country for 2020 The latest rankings released on on Sept 9 continue the upward trend for mechanical engineering rising from No 17 in in in in in 2019 Among the latest innovative offerings for mechanical engineering undergraduate students the department introduced a a a a a a a a micro-credentialing program program in in in 2018 This program program provides students with a a a a a a a a new avenue to to broaden their skillset and and stand out to to employers “There are so many exciting things happening in in in in in higher education right now and we want
to to continue to to be on on on the the leading edge of of of it ”
Eric Marsh the the Glenn Professor of of of Engineering Education and associate head for undergraduate programs said Karen Thole distinguished professor and department head added “This is is is is a a a a a a a a a reflection of our faculty and and staff’s tremendous efforts
in in in in teaching advising and and supporting our students to to make sure we graduate mechanical engineers who are ready to to to contribute to to to making the world a a a a a a a a a better place We look forward to to continually improving our educational mission in in the future!”
The graduate program in in in mechanical engineering is also ranked No 14 by U S News and World Report 17 

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