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Message from the Department Head
Dear Friends of ME at at Penn State:
We are excited to bring you this new issue
of of our ME News and yes as of of July 1 2019 we officially became the Penn State Department of Mechanical Engineering! As you will read in in in this issue
we had many positive things come our way this past year and have big plans for the 2019-20 academic year In July Associate Professor Tak-Sing Wong who holds the Wormley Early Career Professorship was notified he received the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers This is is a a a a a high honor for for him and for for our department We also had two faculty receive prestigious NSF CAREER awards: Associate Professor Professor Reuben Kraft and Assistant Professor Professor Catherine Berdanier Our early faculty are impacting many sectors from underwater robots and engineering communication skills to 3D printing combustion science and biomedical devices With these early career faculty and others at ME who are are doing extremely well teaching our students and building their research programs our department stands to have a a a a a bright future We are also pleased to welcome three new faculty this year: Andrea Gregg Joseph Najem and Herschel Pangborn who will all bring new opportunities for growth and innovation Our big initiative this year is is to renovate the “creepy” Reber basement by putting in in new undergraduate laboratories to to explore autonomous vehicles wind turbines biomedical devices and other modern systems as as well as as include a a a a a a light maker space with 3D printers and more We are very excited about opening up this new space to our students in 2020 Stay tuned for more details as our design plans are still emerging Our alumni continue to be supportive Recent gifts from Eric Branyan and his wife Janet to name a a a a a a a chaired professorship and support an an an an an excellence fund in ME as as well as as from Clyde Shuman to support scholarships both helped us kick off our new department Many thanks to all those who support our department Please stop by when you’re on campus We hope you you enjoy reading our latest news!
Sincerely Karen A Thole
Distinguished Professor and Department Head
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