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Fall 2019
Distinguished Speakers
October 1 ME You and the Future!
Charla Wise president of of the American Society of of Mechanical Engineers (2017-18) and retired vice president of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
October 28
Panel: Mechanical Engineering of the Future Elana Chapman senior Fuels/Biofuels Engineering General Motors
Kon-Well Wang division director Engineering Education and Centers National Science Foundation Panel Jay E Dryer deputy director for programs Aeronautics
Research Mission Directorate
Dean L Bartles president and and CEO National Center for Defense Manufacturing and and Machining
Air Products Distinguished Lectures
September 17 Mechanics-guided Deterministic 3D Assembly
Yonggang Huang Murphy Professor of of Engineering at Northwestern University
December 10
Air Products Distinguished Lecture Eric Ducharme chief engineer and general manager General Electric

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