Page 4 - Engineering Penn State Magazine: Spring/Summer 2019
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Dean’s Message
 Collective voices; Collaborative efforts
    “Engineering is more than the sum of its parts. In partnership with basic science, art, and more, engineering becomes the means through which ideas become reality.”
   We, siloed in our individual disciplines, have looked to the sky and wondered. We could see brilliant, but narrow, patches. Now, by bringing our views together, we can see the whole sky. By bringing our expertise together, we’re on the cusp of something spectacular.
Through an infusion of technology into our everyday lives, we expect more than just powerful and fast phones. We expect more than safe and efficient vehicles—soon we will also expect them to drive themselves. Beyond utility, we want our products to be easy to use, while still looking cool.
To make products and processes that benefit all of us, we need all of us. It takes people of every race, of all walks of life, of every sexual orientation, of all abilities, of all experiences to begin to address these technological advancements, as well as the societal pillars underpinning our progress.
Through our collaborative efforts, we’re developing beyond the research to application process; we’re solving how society can and should use these applications.
We don’t have the answers yet. We don’t always know
which questions to ask. Interdisciplinary partnerships are so important: to begin to understand how we can work together to decide what we want to know.
With the expertise of faculty from disparate disciplines, we’re unifying to train the next generation of engineers who will play a key role in bridging the theory and actual exploration of space; to develop the biodevices that will converge at the crux of law, policy, and engineering to improve the quality
of life for millions; and to position Penn State as a leader in these areas.
We’re all explorers in our fields. We look to the unknown and, through analysis, we come to understand it. Through engineering, we come to be a part of it.
For the Glory,
Justin Schwartz
Harold and Inge Marcus Dean of Engineering
Throughout this edition of Engineering Penn State, you’ll find examples of our collective voices and our collaborative efforts.
From exploring how law, policy, and engineering intersect around privacy protection and biodevices (page 14), to using augmented reality to bring THON to the Penn State Children’s Hospital (page 30), to designing sustainable homes that could be built on Mars, Penn State engineers are partnering with their peers from other colleges,
across industry, and in government to improve our world and beyond.

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