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Gary Butler receives Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award
Gary Butler P P E E a a a a a a a a a Penn State industrial engineering alumnus was named a a a a a recipient of the 2019 Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award
Butler was honored on on April 8 at the College of Engineering’s annual Outstanding Engineering Engineering Alumni Awards ceremony at the the Nittany Lion Inn on on on the the University Park campus The award is the the highest honor bestowed by the the Penn State College of Engineering and recognizes graduates who have reached exceptional levels of of professional achievement He started his college career in in in electrical engineering but
soon discovered it fit wasn’t the best fit for his extroverted personality After meeting with department heads from electrical engineering engineering engineering industrial engineering engineering engineering and mechanical engineering engineering engineering Butler decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree in in industrial engineering After graduating from Penn State in in in 1971 Gary joined Allis- Chalmers Corporation as a a a a a a a a plant engineer and advanced into into various management positions within the company into into the the 1980s when the the business became Precision Custom Components (PCC) In 1993 Gary left PCC PCC and moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to become general manager of an an an Ionics Corporation business unit Gary returned to PCC in 1997 as vice president and general manager and and became president and and CEO in 2001 a a a a a a position he he still holds today In 2010 the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal named PCC Business of the Year and in in 2011 Gary was recognized by the the journal as Executive of the the Year “Without my industrial engineering education from Penn State I would have no ability to to be doing doing what I’m doing doing today ”
Gary said “When I I was going through the the IE program the the curriculum was was very broad which was was extremely beneficial to me because I’ve been able to be be be involved in in all aspects of the business Industrial engineering was and still is very people oriented If you’re going to be in in management and help make decisions in in a a a a company that people aspect in in IE is is extremely important ”
Butler is is a a a a registered professional engineer in in mechanical engineering in in in Pennsylvania and is a a a a a a member of the National Society of of of Professional Engineers He was past president of of of the Penn State Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Society and the Manufacturers’ Association of South Central Pennsylvania past chairperson of the Penn Penn State York Advisory Board and and is currently president of the York County Science and and Engineering Fair Lisa Petrine department head staff assistant was awarded the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society Outstanding Staff Award
This award is given to those that demonstrate successful performance as a a a a staff member by combining competence of skills knowledge or subject matter and successful interaction with others Awardees are recognized for their positive attitude and work that substantially exceeds the normal expectation for a a a a staff member Petrine began her position as department head staff assistant in June 2017 She handles various tasks for the department such as annual reviews faculty searches undergraduate scholarships and aids the departmental award committee Petrine also serves as the College of Engineering’s United Way representative Denise Olivett joined the Harold and and Inge Marcus Department
of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering in August 2019 as as the new undergraduate staff assistant Olivett joined the department from her prior position with the Bursar Olivett will handle all requests from undergraduates regarding scheduling academic conflicts and assists with undergraduate events throughout the year 38
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