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Health & Wellness Highlight Jockey Sheena Ryan offers Yoga at the Track
This winter Jockey Sheena Ryan used her time away from the racetrack to deepen her spiritual and physical knowledge of yoga which she has been practising since 2012 when she started yoga to help her recover from a fractured pelvis she sustained in 2011.
For 30 days Sheena and a group of other teacher training students lived the lifestyle of a yogi with each embarking on a personal journey of discovery of both themselves and the ancient Indian teachings of yoga.
In what Sheena describes as an amazing experience, the group of 20 students all lived in the Ashram located in the beautiful countryside of Trimbak, India, approximately four hours from the Mumbia airport.
During the course each student had to help with everyday chores at the Ashram and a minimum of four days would have to be spent in silence. Unable to speak or make eye contact (speaking with the eyes) with anyone Sheena likened the experience
to peeling off the layers and looking inside yourself, “It is not something that is not easy to do,” explained Sheena, “re ecting on yourself and discovering things about yourself that you didn’t know you were doing or projecting on others.”
De ned as “the cessation of the modi cation of
the mind” yoga embodies breathing, exercise and meditation to bring balance to your life and improve health and happiness. After graduating and returning to work at Woodbine Sheena is grateful to have had the opportunity of her experience and wants to “give back” by helping people at the racetrack.
Every Wednesday at 11am for a donation of $10, Sheena will be teaching yoga for her fellow workers on the backstretch in the security room above the kitchen. “Everybody needs their spirits lifted.” Sheena commented, “Working at the racetrack is hard on people’s bodies and minds. This is an opportunity
to shut off your mind, reduce stress and balance the body.”
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Sheena Ryan (center above) and with the group of teacher training students (below) in India
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