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Arravale’s 2018 colt by American Pharoah is being a nosey foal last year for the camera.
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Thoroughbred Bloodlines a Work of Art
Inspired by the research and hand written compilations of Thoroughbred Lines by Geoffrey Skeete in Barbados, Rodney Jones (Uncle to former Woodbine Jockey Jono Jones) spent nearly a year compiling his own  nished work, the Bloodlines of Champion Thoroughbreds.
Starting with the original three stallions, the Byerley Turk (c. 1680), the Darley Arabian (c. 1700) and the Godolphin Arabian (c.1724) the intricate colourful print shows the Darley Arabian line (which includes Canadian sire Northern Dancer) dominates todays sires lines in Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand as well as North America.
Rodney has documented both the male and female G1 winners worldwide spanning 334 years.
The progeny of Mr. Prospector is dominant throughout the United States and Canada.
Dubai Millennium (GB) a son of Seeking The Gold (USA) had injected the line into Great Britain and Ireland however there has not been a Champion in that branch since 2012. Northern Dancer’s progeny spans one quarter of the chart with sire lines still prominent today in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Great Britain.
Rodney Jones’ Bloodlines of Champion Thoroughbreds is a work which provides a fasinating snapshot of Thoroughbred breeding history. Rodney’s published work is printed on 50” x 50” canvas and is available to purchase.
Arravale ’18, the yearling (by American Pharoah)
is great, growing like a weed. We will not name him as he will be available for public auction this fall. The colts and  llies have been separated at the yearling barn already so he is learning all about being a “teenage” boy. He spends most of his days sleeping all morning and then tearing around rough housing all afternoon. Living his best life for sure!”
Check out some of the videos and photos of the now yearling colt here
According to an article published in the Paulick Report last year, “since its inception, the Foal Patrol website has reached more than 800,000 people and has been viewed in a total of 37 countries.
The second season of Foal Patrol in 2019 features eight different mares and the stallion Frosted. The last of the mares to foal was Silver Colors whose produced a Tapit colt on April 28. You can see the live feed of Silver Colors here. Use the dropdown to see the other mares and their foals too.
The Foal Patrol website also provides a Foal Patrol Education section with categories such as their Education Blog, Anatomy/Pedigree, Career Paths, Horse Behavior, Nutrition, and the Godolphin Kids section.
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