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Landstar’s new technology tool for business capacity owners (BCOs), the Landstar MaximizerTM mobile app, is designed to help owner-operators  nd more revenue opportunities and keep their
First launched in beta version to a group of 100 BCOs in the Fall of 2017, app users instantly saw the bene ts of booking full-week runs.
“My immediate thought when I  rst started using
trucks loaded.
The smartphone app, a robust search engine,
puts together the best combination of back-to-back available loads, creating options for multileg, full-week runs.
“The app draws from the Landstar available load board to create the multileg runs based on the BCO’s selected criteria,” explains Rocco Davanzo, Landstar Transportation Logistics executive
vice president of capacity development. “It was designed to help BCOs spend less time searching for loads, with less downtime between loads.”
O ering more revenue opportunities, fewer deadhead miles, less time looking for loads and more time at home – with one click of the app’s Ask MaxTM button, the Landstar-exclusive technology takes seconds to  nd the right combination of loads to meet an owner-operator’s needs.
“The app was designed to make booking multiple loads easy,” says Davanzo. “Owner-operators are  nding more opportunities to stay loaded and grow their businesses.”
the app, is that it will really bene t the new Landstar BCOs,” explains James Morris, a Landstar business capacity  eet owner. “This app gives new Landstar BCOs a boost. They may not have any connections when they  rst lease on. This gives them a way to get out there and start earning revenue right away.”
Morris says he also saw an immediate bene t for managing his own  eet of drivers. Booking loads
for his  eet of three trucks can be time consuming, but, he says, the Landstar Maximizer mobile app is putting time back on the clock.
“My dispatching e orts for my  eet are hardly any work with the app,” says Morris. “We are embracing this technology tool from Landstar and really seeing a bene t.”
The Landstar Maximizer app for Android and iPhone is now available to all BCOs with a current username and password.
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