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Just as shippers can count on a Landstar agent to  nd the best solution to their transportation challenges, agents can trust that Landstar will be there to support them every step of the way.
Landstar agents who o er heavy-haul services to their customers get complete support from the entire Landstar network and serve as the one-stop shop for all of their customers’ transportation needs. Even if a shipper doesn’t have a regular need for heavy haul,
it’s important for them to know that Landstar has the resources and capacity available to be their full service transportation provider.
We interviewed two successful Landstar agents about their experiences in o ering heavy-haul transportation services and how the Landstar network has supported their businesses. Dan Lawry (LFS) is new to heavy-haul transportation, but not to the Landstar network, and David Rilee (HML) is new to Landstar, but not to heavy- haul transportation.
In late 2017, an opportunity “far too good to pass up” fell into Lawry’s lap. An existing customer was disappointed with its heavy-haul carrier and asked Lawry if he could handle the heavy-haul freight. With the backing of the Landstar network, the rest was history for Lawry and his business.
The Transition to a New Service O ering
Lawry immediately began to collaborate with Landstar’s heavy/specialized department to provide his customer with the best, unique solution. “When a customer needs it done, we can do it. And that’s all through the support of corporate,” explains Lawry.
Within Landstar’s network, there are six dedicated heavy/specialized business development coordinators for nine regions, including Canada. These regional coordinators help agents with nurturing relationships with existing customers, identifying opportunities in new customers, quoting shipments,  nding capacity, and anything else an agent may need to support their heavy-haul business. Lawry’s regional coordinator
has been a huge contributor to his newfound success selling and handling heavy hauls.
In addition to the support from Landstar, Lawry also credits customer con dence in the “big blue star” and the history of professionalism, safe driving and on-time deliveries by Landstar owner-operators.
“Brand recognition helped us get in the door. The customer knew Landstar was good, but once they started working with us, they realized how much easier we could make their lives. Customers are put at ease with Landstar,” says Lawry.
Independent Landstar Agent Dan Lawry
Independent Agent Dan Lawry of Lawry Freight System (LFS agency) joined the Landstar network in 2001 to ful ll customer demands. His customers were searching for a transportation provider that o ered ocean, air and
rail services, which was not possible for Lawry before his connection to Landstar.
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