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From One Agent to Another
When asked what advice he would share with an agent interested in expanding his or her business through heavy-haul services, Lawry suggests thorough communications. The intricacies of moving heavy-haul freight is much di erent than van freight and requires very detailed coordination and route planning.
Still, heavy-haul transportation is nothing an agent should feel hesitant about in the Landstar network, says Lawry. “Go after any opportunity and you’ll receive help from the heavy-haul team. Have con dence in Landstar’s abilities.”
that allows agents to quickly obtain estimated
rates on heavy-haul shipments. This system puts pricing information at Rilee’s  ngertips in a matter of minutes making for a prompt and e cient quoting process. The heavy/specialized department also walked Rilee through how to adjust quotes based on the type of equipment.
Rilee’s agency focus is 100 percent heavy-haul. Safety, capacity, equipment and the quality of drivers are some of the main reasons customers turn to Rilee’s agency and the Landstar network for heavy/specialized services.
“Customers trust Landstar. They know that we will  nd the best solution for them and they are reassured by the professionalism of the business capacity owners (BCOs),” Rilee says.
Expert Advice
Moving heavy/specialized freight is not an expertise that can be learned overnight and it may take time for agents new to the service to gain full con dence.
“I recommend learning the trailer types and leaning on Landstar’s heavy/specialized department for guidance. The Landstar system is by far the best I’ve seen and is a great tool for someone that does not have a heavy-haul background,” Rilee advises.
“The shipments of this type of cargo can be challenging, however, they can also be very rewarding when the load is delivered safely and on time.”
Agents, contact your regional manager or Landstar’s heavy/specialized department if you are interested in expanding this service o ering to your customers.
Independent Landstar Agent David Rilee
Independent Landstar Agent David Rilee has an extensive background in heavy-haul sales. He left his previous company
of 18 years to join the Landstar family in 2017.
“I wanted to align with a well-respected company.” explains Rilee.
The Transition to a New System
He received a lot of guidance from the heavy/ specialized department which made a seamless transition into his new role as a freight agent
now part of the Landstar system. He says this encompassing support helped him gain con dence in “selling the star.”
The heavy/specialized department worked closely with Rilee on pricing. Landstar has a rate system 2018 Issue 1 | The Road to Success • 23

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