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Joe Beacom Landstar Vice President and Chief Safety & Operations Of cer
In 2017, BCOs transported 8 percent more loads per truck than the prior year, a signi cant productivity improvement, equivalent to adding more than 700 BCO trucks to the network. A record 542 agents produced more than $1 million in Landstar revenue, supported by a record number of loads moved by truck in the fourth quarter. During 2017, the company opened a new U.S./Mexico
to meet demand. We see many Landstar agencies, BCO operations and Landstar support functions striving to take meaningful steps forward in creating e ciencies. In 2018, this focus continues as we collaborate with many agents and BCOs to produce and share critical information, putting pricing, available load and shipment status information in the hands of the decision makers – our agents, BCOs, employees and customers.
Many Landstar customers are evaluating their businesses and their supply chains in a similar way, expecting timely quotes, solid commitments and shipment visibility from their providers. As a provider, we strive to be easy to do business with, predictable with our service and consistent in our execution. Demand for Landstar services remains strong, providing opportunities with new customers seeking solutions, customers which will provide more loading opportunities going forward. Landstar agents, BCOs and employees working together, using the tools and resources available to us, is
our recipe for future success.
Wishing you the best on a productive and
successful 2018!
As a provider, we strive tobeeasytodobusiness with, predictable with our service and consistent in our execution.
Logistics Center, introduced agent analytics, new pricing and trailer request tools to its agents, enhanced
its Available Loads mobile app and began  eld testing its
Landstar MaximizerTM mobile app for BCOs to further enhance their revenue.
Capitalizing on a strong freight environment often relies on our ability to increase productivity
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