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WHEN IT COMES TO SAFE DRIVING, Landstar believes it is important to expect the unexpected and always have an “out.” Maintain sufficient space around your vehicle. Check your blind spot mirrors, using the lean and look method every 3-5 seconds. Choose to drive safe and legal. Protect the zones around your truck and
DRIVE FOR FIVE - yourself, and the vehicles directly in front of and behind you, and to each side of you.
Behind You:
Help prevent rear-end collisions, by maintaining a safe speed and avoid sudden stopping.
On Your Side:
Limit changing lanes
and stay in the right lane whenever possible.
On Your Side:
To prevent sideswipe collisions when changing lanes, signal early, wait and look before making
a move.
In Front Of You:
Remember safe speed and proper following distance prevent rear-end collisions and jackknife accidents.
Just imagine family and friends occupying those other vehicles around you.
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