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Moving Mountain Guns
On the trailer hauled by Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar® recipient Bill Ater are three 75mm pack howitzers M116 – artillery  rst used by troops in the 1920s to move across dif cult terrain. Today these howitzers, also known as “mountain guns,” are used by the military only for ceremonial purposes.
When the historic howitzers needed to be transported for a change-of-command ceremony, the customer turned to Landstar to move the cargo, claim- and damage-free.
“I was told repair parts on the howitzers are nonexistent,” said Ater. “I took all the precautions necessary to keep the freight safe and not put a scratch on them.”
Using pads on his chains and straps to carefully secure the freight to his stepdeck trailer, Ater hauled the historic howitzers for a successful next day delivery.
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Landstar BCO Bill Ater poses with one of three historic howitzers M116 being readied for transport.
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