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We’re on the lookout for the biggest #LandstarFan.
• Get your fan at these Landstar events during 2018:
Annual Landstar Convention
Landstar BCO All-Star Celebration
Landstar BCO Appreciation Days in Rockford
• Snap photos
• Share photos with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter • Use the hashtag #LandstarFan
• Bring your fan wherever you go!
You could be the next #LandstarFan featured on Landstar’s social media pages.
Join the #LandstarFan conversation with @LandstarSystem on Twitter AND follow Landstar’s Facebook pages: Landstar System, Landstar Agents and Landstar Owner-Operators (BCOs) to see if your #LandstarFan photo is featured!
· Take fan photos at convention with fellow agents or the executive team.
· Travel back to the o ce with your fan and snap a shot with your agency team.
· Bring the #LandstarFan with you on a sales call and get a customer to pose with you.
· Get a pic with fellow owner-operators or Landstar management at any Landstar event.
· Don’t forget about Safety Thursday meetings and truck shows.
· Take your fan on the road! Snap a shot with the fan at your favorite stop along your route.
· Take a sel e of you with a fan in or in front of your truck,
or at an interesting location.
· Ask a celebrity to snap a shot with you and the #LandstarFan.
WE’RE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR LANDSTAR’S BIGGEST FANS 2018 Issue 1 | The Road to Success • 9

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