Page 8 - NCISS Member Directory and Guide 2019 3rd Qtr
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Helpful NCISS Website Navigation –

                               Check Your Dues Expiration and Pay Online

        Here you will also find when your dues expire, and can renew within 60 days before or after your
        expiration date. You can also use your Member Profile credentials to register and pay for NCISS
        events online.

        Online is fast and secure encryption – no credit card information is shared with NCISS. You can
        choose to auto-renew annually, and the encrypted information is store by the payment processing
        vendor. Your paid invoice will be automatically emailed. If you register for an event, the event details
        are also automatically emailed.

          From any page of the website, you can use the left navigation bar, and expand dropdown buttons, to navigate.

        First, click on the red Member Login

                       After clicking on the ‘Renew’ button, you will be redirected to one of two pages:
            •  If your dues are current, you will receive a message indicating your are ineligible to renew.

            •  If your dues are within 60 days of being due, or being 60 days past due, you will be taken to the payment form.

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