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               MEMBERS                                              March 24, 2020

        Chairman of the Board      To: NCISS Members
               Brad Duffy
                                   Re: COVID-19 Information and Assistance

              President        Process Servers Information Associations
           Andrea Orozco
                                   Dear Members,
         First Vice President

            Wes Bearden
                     The California Association of Legal Support Professionals (CALSPro) is reporting the
                                           The  past  few  weeks  have  been  challenging.  This  is  one  we  didn’t  see

                   current status of each California Court due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Remember to
        Second Vice President      coming!  We  hope  each  of  you  are  doing  as  well  as  you  can  under  the  current
                      also check your county’s specific website since changes are being made so frequently. For
                     additional court updates, One Legal is also maintaining an article that details when it was
        Third Vice President
                   last updated.
             Lisa Turley                   NCISS’s  mission  is  to  represent  the  interests  of  private  investigators  and
                                   security  agencies  throughout  the  United  States in Congress  and D.C. Part of that
              Secretary            mission  is  to  monitor  national  legislative  and  regulatory  activities  affecting  the

            Candace Ivey           investigation and security industry. Recently, several economic aid packages have
                     The Process Servers Association of Colorado (PSACO) held a business webinar entitled
                                   been passed affecting almost all Americans. Much of this legislation affects small
                   “Surviving COVID-19”. Over 60 industry professionals were in attendance from across
              Treasurer            businesses such as yourself.
                   the country. The webinar shared strategies to assist you in conducting your business and
            Candace Ivey
                     keeping yourself safe as a process server dealing with the coronavirus. There are plans for

                                           Below, we have compiled rules, orders, legislation, tax deferrals, regulatory
                     future meetings.
              Region 1             changes  and  other  items  of  interest  that  affect  private  investigators  and  security

             Tim Gilbert           agencies  in  this  time  of  need.  The  information  below  has  been  compiled  from
                                   several sources including our legislative representation, other associations, private

              Region 2             companies, internet resources and NCISS members who are sending information in.
                   On March 19th, the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers (FAPPS) sent an
            Paul Cicarella         Thank you to all those who have shared information or participated.
                     email stating the Courts are instituting local Administrative Orders regarding service of

                   process due to the Coronavirus. The 19th Judicial Circuit issued Administrative Order AO
              Region 3
                   2020-1. A follow-up letter was sent by the Chief Judge confirming the suspension of
            Robert Dunn
                     service of process by private process servers as well as the Sheriff. The 18th Judicial
                                   Thank You!
              Region 4
                   Circuit issued AO 20-15 which suspends service of process in foreclosure, eviction, and
             Kelly Riddle
                   ejectment cases until April 15, 2020.
                                   NCISS Board of Directors
              Region 5
                   FAPPS also referenced several useful resources:
            Tina Thomas
                     1.   The Florida Clerk's website is an excellent source of local information.


              Region 6    Local county information can also be found at the Florida Courts page.

              Kelly Cory   FAPPS will continue to share information on their Facebook page and website.

          Members at Large
            Michael Cook
             Dean Gluth                                       1
             Brandy Lord
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