Page 10 - NCISS COVID Virus Resources Packet
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More paid sick leave — Tracking with legislation, S. 3513 (116), introduced this week,
                   Democrats want all employees and independent contractors to get 14 days of paid sick
                   leave in the event of a public emergency and 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave,
                   reimbursed in full by the federal government. They also want to permanently ensure
                   workers can accrue seven paid sick days.

                   Student loan payoffs — Direct the Education Department to make monthly student loan
                   payments on behalf of borrowers during emergency declarations. The administration
                   would have to pay off at least $10,000 of a borrower’s debt, even if it means making extra
                   payments after an emergency is over.

                   ‘Bigger’ check to Americans — A “more generous and more frequent” cash infusion for
                   Americans than the one-time payment of $1,000 that has been floated.

                   House Democrat Marker – Pelosi laid down a marker on what type of proposal they’re
                   looking to pass:

               •  Unemployment insurance payments, expanded Medicaid coverage, an airline rescue
                   package, relief for homeowners and renters, support for small businesses, and additional
                   food security measures, according to Democratic lawmakers and aides

               •  Their proposal won’t be formally finished until next week

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