Page 2 - NCISS COVID Virus Resources Packet
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Caveat: The below is compiled from several third-party sources. This is a living document
                   of changing regulations. Please confirm all the below with the attached links. Do not rely
                   on  this  document  as  legal  or  tax  advice.  Please  consult  your  own  lawyer  or  CPA  to
                   determine how the below may apply to your situation.

                   Special thanks to Jason Ortega of Lobbyit, Trey Carlyle with ServeNow and Nicole Gray.
                   Also,  thanks  to  the  dozens  of  updates  members  have  provided  us  in  compiling  this

                                              TABLE OF CONTENTS

                   RECENT FEDERAL LEGISLATION                                              PAGE 3

                   FEDERAL TAX  INFORMATION                                                PAGE 11

                   FEDERAL AND STATE COURT CLOSURES                                        PAGE 13

                   STATE SECURITY AND INVESTIGATIVE REGULATIONS                            PAGE 41

                   REPORTED PROCESS SERVER ANNOUNCEMENTS                                   PAGE 74

                   OTHER RELIEF AND AID                                                    PAGE 76

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