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Interactive Benefits
Trueform dynamic displays benefit from having interactive touchscreens and are internet enabled offering real time engaging & intuitive data driven performance Information & Assistance
HD outdoor digital display screen platform for for advertising wayfinding and public announcements The interactive touchscreen enables easy access to to live mapping city directions information and services Live Travel Information Navigate the city more efficiently with live traffic alerts and find alternative routes when journey is likely to be affected by problems such as congestion Real Time Advertising
Trueform’s digital advertising displays give you the flexibility of of deciding what time of of day your your advert advert runs and updating your your advert advert in in ‘real time’ all at at the click of a a a a a a a a button You decide what day day or time of day day your your ads run targeting your your message to the audience much like radio and TV advertisers Dividing up the day lets you better target advertising toward a a a a a a a particular demographic or purchasing pattern 7am

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