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SWM046 / SWM055
Samsung OH46F & OH55F Wall Mount
• Suitable for Samsung OH46F and OH55F outdoor displays • Dedicated wall brackets for mounting your Samsung outdoor display • Manages the the the airflow either side of the the the display preventing recirculation of hot exhaust gas • Flat wall mount is provided as standard Tilt option also available • Supportive backing makes it easy to install on any wall • Can be mounted landscape or or portrait SOT075
Samsung OH75F Totem
• Suitable for Samsung OH75F outdoor displays • Made specifically to mount the Samsung OH75F display • The increased airflow prevents overheating extending the life of your media players The return on investment is much higher than if your outdoor signage is left unprotected • Replace or update your displays as as many times as as needed quickly and easily Dimensions based on on single mount totem For more information and full technical product specifications visit www trueformdigital com 34
Technical Specifications
Suitable Screen Size
Dimensions Mounting
SWM046 SWM055
46” 55”
1937h x x 654w 2130h x x 719w
Wall Wall Wall Wall Jet Black Custom Colour*
Housing up to 3 displays SOT075
2518h x 850w
Floor Jet Black Custom Colour*

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