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Dear Tour and Motorcoach Operators,                                                       E. Anne Basile

       Having surpassed our quarter century mark, we are honored and privileged to present to you
       our  Mirage  Tours,  Tour  Planner. We welcome  you  to  the world  of  group  travel with Mirage
       Tours LLC.  Serving both the Tour Operator and the Motorcoach industry we look forward to
       providing you customized wholesale tours and receptive services.

       VARIETY is our main focus!  We are constantly are on the lookout for new places to explore and

       new stories to tell. Sightseeing, meals, entertainment, and free time are just a few of the daily
       ingredients we include in the travel experience. Throughout this tour planner you will find tours
       that are customized to meet your groups’ needs and budgets. Our company's philosophy is to
       incorporate constant change into the tour programs in order to meet the multi faceted needs of
       today’s travelers.

       Our new brochure is full of tours that will offer your travelers, Vibrant Towns and Cities, Roads
       less  Traveled,  Cobblestone  Shores,  Wineries,  Mountains  to  Waterfalls,  Faith  Based  Pilgrim-
       ages and Special Events.

       When planning your next group tour, whether its a small group (10 or more) or a large group …
       every tour provides your travelers, SCENERY, HERTIAGE and CULTURE.
       We look forward to…   “Sparking the Light of their Imagination!”


       E. Anne Basile

                                                                    MIRAGE TOURS LLC
                                                 2279 Riverview Dr @Ste. Jerome Pointe  Wilson New York 14172

                                                           Telephone: 716 830 4151  Fax: 716 751 2026
                                                 Email:  Web Site

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