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Canadian Rockies by Train
       12 Days 11 Nights    May– October

       Featuring  Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise, Three Valley Gap. Kelowna, Vancouver
       Experience the Best of Canada… with VIA’s first class service aboard the Silver and Blue Train. From the greatest
       Lakes  to  the  big Sea  …  there  is  nothing  like it.  Cross  the  rugged  Canadian Shield  and  the vast  grain  fields of
       Saskatchewan, feel the immense mountain barrier of the Rockies and watch the sun set on the highlands of British   A
       Columbia.  You’ll walk on a Glacier 1000 feet deep which straddles three Continental Divides. Discover the charm
       of  Victoria,  an  intimate,  sophisticated  seaside  City  which  is  the  vacation  capital  of  Canada,  the  beauty  of  the
       Okanagan Valley, plus the majesty of the Rocky Mountains in Banff, Yoho and Glacier National Parks.
       Tour Includes:                                                                                             N
       ¨      11 nights accommodations, including 2 on the Train
       ¨      23 Meals including all meals on the train
       ¨      Discover Vancouver, Banff, Jasper Tour, scenic Lake Louise, plus Three Valley Gap Ghost Town         D
       ¨      Wine tasting the Canadian Rockies way
       ¨      “Sno Coach” tour onto the Athabasca Glacier
       ¨      Ground Transportation
       ¨      VIA First Class Service aboard the Silver and Blue Train (with private room and bathroom: shower at the end of the car)





   Polar Bear Express
   6 Days  5 Nights  July and August    Ontario's North
   Christmas Specials                                                                                              T
   This summer take your group on a travel experience unlike any other as you travel to the edge of the Artic.  Over the
   course of your 186 mile, four and a half hour journey on the rails, you’ll travel through some of the most intriguing
   and culturally significant areas in Ontario. The Polar Bear Express takes you through spectacular forests and rugged
   wetlands, and across mighty rivers once navigated by early aboriginals, explorers and fur traders. Along the way   R
   you’ll witness the majestic Abitibi River, the main fur trade route of days gone by and enjoyed today by modern day
   adventurers. There are only a few great rail excur-
   sions left in the world and this is certainly one of
   them ... the Polar Bear Express.                                                                                A

   Tour Includes:
    5 Nights Lodging: 2 in Cochrane, 1 each in North                                                              I
       Bay, Sudbury and Muskoka
    5 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch and 4 Dinners
    Admission to Timmins Gold Mine, Big Nickel
    Full day train excursion on the Polar Bear Express                                                          N
       from Cochrane to Moosonee, Boat excursion to
       Moose Factory
    Guided tours of Moose Factory, Moosonee, Sud-                                                                S
       bury and Timmins

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