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and design selections to ensure we are still within budget before construction begins. During this time, we are also submitting permits to the city and validating that all regulations are adhered to prior to beginning construction.
In this 30-60 day window you will also be introduced to your personal Building Manager who will be communicating with you every step of the way to keep you updated on the progress of your new home. Your Builder will meet you on-site to review the construction schedule, standard policies and procedures, and con rm all selections and structural options. This is what we refer to as a “Pre-Start Meeting”.
WE’RE OFF TO THE RACES! Time estimate: 7-9 months
The plan has been engineered, the  nishes are selected and permits are in place. Now we are o  to the races and ready to begin construction on your Peak Performance Lifestyle HomeTM! Legacy’s Building Program has been  ne tuned to ensure your home is built with the highest standards of energy e ciency and quality craftsmanship. Our team will do whatever it takes to ensure every detail of the home is given proper attention and construction remains on schedule.
Time estimate: 7 days prior to closing
After your quality walks have been signed o , your builder will formally introduce you to your new home at the New Home Introduction Orientation Walk. This is our chance to orient you to your new home, explain all of the features and bene ts incorporated throughout the property, and review the Legacy DCS New Home Warranty. You will be provided with a Home Ownership Binder which includes a copy of the contract, warranty guidelines, instructions for submitting a warranty claim, contact information for all of the manufacturers throughout your home as well as local emergency contacts for electricity, water, and gas.
Time estimate: 7-10 days after closing
Once you have closed on your new home Legacy’s Customer Experience Manager will be by with a special gift to welcome you home and discuss your building experience. Your referral is the greatest compliment we can receive. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the home building experience for future clients and welcome your honest feedback.
Time estimate: 6 months after closing
As an added value, our team will check back with you 6-months after closing to schedule a one-time touch-up appointment to cover minor paint scu s and wear and tear that may occur after move-in.
At Legacy DCS our primary focus is customer satisfaction – not just for the moment, but for years to come. Our team of trained professional thrives o  of your feedback and referrals. If there is anything we can do to improve the home building experience, please contact us today and let us know. Thank you for choosing to build your Legacy with Legacy DCS!

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