Page 108 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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  Ride On Rollers
1550Kg 800mm
Our ride-on 80 rollers are designed to be very efficient and effective compaction for small and medium-sized sites. With its compact dimensions and high mobility you will find this 80 roller very productive whether you’re constructing or maintaining car parks, roads, tennis courts, sports grounds or landscaping.
Pedestrian Roller
161Kg 560mm
Pedestrian or walk behind rollers are self propelled and can work in reverse; these machines are controlled by cable or rod linkages.
We stock walk behind rollers in 71cm (28”) and a trailer mounted 55cm (22”) Bomag version.
Walk-behind rollers are suitable for use on small compaction jobs and, with a water sprinkling system, on asphalt. These rollers have a low centre of gravity and
high traction power on uneven terrain.

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