Page 138 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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  This lightweight yet powerful Ceramic infrared heater is ideal for commercial or domestic use, it is especially useful in workshop type applications as its design creates minimal dust disturbance.
2 heat levels, 230V & only 5.4kg.
240V Infra-Red
This 240V infra red heater has very fast thermal response. The infra-red heats people directly without the need to heat up large amounts of air.
2 heat levels, 240V & is fully portable on wheels
This robust heater is capable of delivering its warm air flow through a 5m duct. This means it is versatile enough to be configured to supply warm air to an industrial process.
Ideal for site work and will run of a 32Amp transformer.
Twin 1400W Infra-Red
This Twin 1400W infra-red heater provides instant heat to surrounding objects with 2 heat settings it is also fitted with castors for ease of movement.
Compact and lightweight in design and complete with a cable tidy frame.
Electric Heaters

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