Page 143 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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Mag Base Rotobore Drill
  This Makita Nibbler performs precise cutting in deck plate, keystone plate and other corrugated sheet materials. The die holder swivels round a full 360 for ease of cutting at an angle.
Max cut in mild steel: 1.6mm Max cut in stainless steel: 1.2mm
This 14.6Kg tool is ideal for use on a site or in a workshop, its magnet footprint is 165mm x 80mm with 750Kgs magnetic adhesion.
This machine cuts holes up to 40mm x 50mm deep.
300 Amp Diesel Welder/Generator
The Shindaiwa 300A Welder/Generator is the smallest and quietest in its class. This machine, capable of eco-friendly welding has great features such as 3 phase and 1 phase AC power, a large fuel tank, auto-idling system and low noise levels of – 88dB Lwa.
This machine is road towable.

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