Page 148 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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  BZ handles are for the handling of kerb stones, edging stones, gutters and similar. Also for natural kerb stones.
Gripping Range: 400mm SWL: 150KG
The TSZ Uni is suitable for lifting and handling steps, kerb stones, L-stones etc. in conjunction with a lifting device, with an adjustable function for various sizes of materials.
Gripping Range: 50-600mm SWL: 600KG
The VPH150 is powered by a 12V battery pack. The flexible, powerful manual laying device is used for dense materials such as granite or high quality concrete and has a maximum capacity of 150KG
Kerb Lifters
    The FTZ Uni 15 is suitable for handling concrete components, prefabricated wall units, steps, kerb stones, natural stones etc.
Gripping Range: 0-750mm—SWL: up to 1,500KG— Inside Height: 255mm

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