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GRP Step Ladder
 Heavy duty fibreglass step ladder with slip resistant treads and feet for safety plus tool tray
 Tested to 30,000volts
 Double riveted treads for extra safety
 GRP is non oxidising, offers clean and
comfortable handling
 Impact resistant stiles to withstand
heavy trade use
 GRP offers long lifespan and excellent
build quality
Multi-Function Ladder
 Features a multi positional hinge system enabling the ladder to easily transform into the following:
• straight ladder
• free standing A-frame ladder
• double sided ladder
• stand off ladder
• trestle ladder.
   Alloy Ladders
Class 1 Aluminum ‘D’ Rung Ladders are designed to withstand continuous and arduous heavy duty use on site and in transport. Available in single, double and triple sections.
Up to 10m

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