Page 172 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
P. 172

  Nevada Glasses
Conforms to EN166.
Lightweight, scratch resistant & ad- justable arms.
Ultravision Goggles
Conforms to EN166.
Unrestricted visibility by panoramic lens.
Full Body Safety Harness
Front and dorsal anchorage points.
Available in M-XL
Lanyards and other Fall Arrest equipment available on request.
General Goggles
Conforms to EN166.
Anti-mist, fits over glasses & has a direct vent.
Ultrasonic Goggle
Conforms to EN166.
Duo component technology and outstanding ventilation.
   Full Face Visor
Conforms to EN1661B
Lightweight full face pro- tection.
Welders Mask
Conforms to EN1661B
Lightweight full face protection.
  PPE & Sales

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