Page 188 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
P. 188

  LED Floor light
Ideal for inspection and servicing work. Strong, durable & ultra bright with 12 solid state LEDs to provide bright light!
Metal Halide lamp
Ideal to withstand the rigours of site/hire use. High out- put 352W delivers 30,000 Lumens of ultra bright light around a 360 degree light spread. It is possible to link up to three of the wobble lights together in a chain.
Work Lamp
This 400w Tungsten Halogen Floor / Carry Light is a versatile and mobile flood light ideal for a multitude of tasks. Available in LED!
Fluorescent Compact Defender
Ideal for use on construction sites, workshops & for DIY users. Its Robust head design made to stand up to the rigours of continual site use, high light output, low power consumption: 20 times less than a 500w halogen light.
  PPE & Sales

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