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      Retracting Tape Measures for easy measuring up to 8 metres.
Available in various sizes depending on the job or application.
This is useful for light demolition work, driving masonry nails, and for use with a steel chisel when cutting stone or metal. Available up to 4lb.
Measuring device for distances.
Available up to 100m.
Due to the easily interchangeable heads, as a multi purpose striking tool in most assembly applications including engineering, shopfitting, building and block work.
With chisel and claw (nail-puller) ends. Available from 12”- 36”.
    Hammer with one side of the head split and curved, used for extracting nails. Available up to 24oz
Heavy hammer used for such jobs as breaking rocks and driving in fence posts.
Available from 7lb to 14lb.
   Also known as a machinist's hammer, is a type of
peening hammer used in metalworking.
Ideal for roofing applications and available in various sizes.
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