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Wall Chaser
Hilti DCH EX300
  Used for cutting narrow grooves in walls such as laying electrical cable, it’s powered by an electric motor which drives a pair of diamond discs.
Available with dust extraction.
Circular Saw
Equipped with T/T blade, riving knife, electric brake, Suitable for
hard/soft woods, ply, flooring ,MDF
Perfect for cutting reinforced concrete, slabs, kerbstones (granite), brick and masonry blocks, cutting metal beams, steel pipes and enforcing bars, preliminary cuts for controlled demolition and cutting and extending openings for windows, doors and shafts. Ideal for use in enclosed areas where dust contamination may be an issue.
Floor Saw
Robust, convenient all-round floor saw. The adjustable handle ensures low vibrations and an ergonomic working position.
Also, perfect weight distribution means excellent stability whilst sawing.
Available in 2 blade sizes; 14” & 18”
  To see our complete range of sawing equipment go to the red ‘Sawing’ section on pages 44-51

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