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 Hi Frequency Vib Poker
These hand held poker systems comprise of interchangeable drives, flexible shafts and poker heads, giving excellent performance, ideal for all concrete works.
Available in: Petrol, Electric Hi-frequency &
Strimmer version!
Power Float
This piece of equipment also known as a power trowel. It is a light piece of construction equipment used to apply a smooth finish to concrete slabs.
Available in 36” and 48”.
Bunyan Striker
The Bunyan Striker is fast, efficient, highly versatile and a modern alternative way to strike off and finish large floor areas of newly laid concrete:
Available from 2m to 10m powered by a 30 Litre hydraulic pack.
   Concrete Planer
Makita PC1100 110mm Concrete Planer is ideal for smooth finishes on concrete surfaces or levelling concrete seams.
Available with dust bag or dust extraction.
Paddle Gun
A mixer for Resins, concrete and mortar- having mixing blades which revolve around an axis.
Ideal for small batch mixing.

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