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 electronics for a constant cut- ting speed. The tool
has 4-stage pendu-
 This double insulated orbital action jigsaw has a max cut in wood of 135mm and 10mm in steel. With a soft engine start feature and constant speed control this is a very useful tool in various applications.
Lightweight and compact Makita DJV180Z cordless jigsaw features smooth and powerful cutting at the high rotational speed at 2,600rpm. Easy to trace cutting line with LED job light. Rubberised soft grip of ergonomic design.
High-torque chainsaw for improved performance and user comfort when harvesting wood or sawing firewood. Technologically advanced, this machine has the ErgoStart system, eliminating the need for a strong, fast pull of the starting rope, making operation especially quick and easy for just about anyone.
Jig Saws:
The GST 160 CE with body grip is intended for heavy use where quality and accuracy are required. Precise and powerful, the motor has optimized

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