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  Tracked Barrow:
Ideal for moving soil, bricks or rubble and are sure to make the job easier and faster. They are narrow enough to fit through a garden gate and can also handle uneven terrain available from 0.5 ton.
  W: 680mm
H: 1130mm
Max: 650 Kg
 1 Ton Hi Lift:
Perfect for jobs where there may be confined spaces; short in length at just over a meter and 1 ton skip capacity. Features include: 4x4 Drive, Hi Tip, fully hydrostatic brakes.
 W: 1115mm
H: 2860mm
Max: 1,000 Kg
1.5 Ton Hi Lift:
 Providing power on demand and capable of dumping into a skip or small truck; Complete with 4x4 wheel drive for off-road work and articulated for maneuverability on tight sites.
Available with a swivel skip!
 W: 1300mm H: 2947mm Max: 1,500 Kg

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