Page 69 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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90 KVA Generator
 •Tried and proven DIESELMAX engine for reliable power generation •Premium componentry including MeccAlte alternators
•DSE control panel makes monitoring and programming easy •Industry-leading low noise levels
•Various lift points to enhance portability
•Designed to withstand extreme environments and elements - 1000 Hour Salt Spray resistance
•Canopy models built with a watertight, sound reducing body and residential grade exhaust silencer •Compact, robust and resilient construction to ensure a long unit life and quiet operation
•Fully bunded base tank as standard on all generators throughout the range. Generator base will hold 110% of total generator fluids (fuels, lubricants and coolants), ensuring containment of any spillage.
•Plastic fuel tank reduces condensation, and eliminates corrosion which ensures fuel quality does not deteriorate in the unit

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