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 Metal Halide Towerlight
The QLT H50 packs an impressive amount of bright light in a compact frame. It combines the robustness and reliability you need with innovative features for additional safety and ease of use.
This tower light does more than the standard. You can manage your lighting using its LC 1003 controller that comes with a timer for up to 8 lighting events and start up each light one by one to avoid the risk of failure. You can start the machine without any contact with the engine.
It only takes seconds to extend the mast to its maximum height of 9m and to rotate it 340°
 Metal Halide Towerlight
The trailer-mounted light tower LTN 6LV with its own generator is designed for powerful mobile lighting. It is not necessary to ground the system. The four metal halide lamps of the light tower create near-daylight conditions within an extremely wide illumination radius. The adjustable tower can reach a height of 9m and rotates 360°
The LTN 6LV has an electrically adjustable mast height at the touch of a push button. Transport with vertical mast position. The large-capacity fuel tank permits a continuous lighting/run time of up to 73 hours between fills.

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