Page 79 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
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 Landscape Power Rake
• Purpose-designed carbide teeth provide long life and are specifically shaped to ensure best possible
• seedbed preparation
• Adjustable polyurethane barrier above roller allows operator to select material size left in the seedbed
• Can angle rake 20o in either direction from centre allowing material to be moved left or right
• Quick and easy to remove end plates allow the power rake to perform like a box scraper
• Dual independently adjustable wheels allows operator to adjust for skim passes for over-seeding or cambers
Bi-directional raking capability allows quick seedbed preparation
Vibratory Roller
Compact sand, soil, gravel or crushed stone in preparation for concrete or asphalt surfacing with JCB vibratory rollers. Produces up to 9370 lbs of dynamic force for excellent compaction. Features 15o of oscillation for compaction on uneven terrain. Adjustable scraper blade for smooth and uniform compaction. Available in either smooth drum for granular soil types and asphalt patch work or pad foot drum for wet soil or clay type applications.

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