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The benefit of aerating a lawn is that it allows air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass, relieves soil compaction and removes unwanted thatch and foreign material.
H/Duty Rotovator
The Barreto 1320 13hp Hydraulic Rotovator is ideal for: Homeowners, Nurseries and Professionals suitable for the following applications Medium to large sized plots from light to heavy-duty soil conditions.
This is a compact hand-held unit, that delivers excellent cleaning results. Leaves, garden debris and grass clippings can become a thing of the past. You
can have this in leaf blower or vacuum mode.
Powered by a 163cc OHV 4-stroke engine and weighs 54kg. The bulky weight and the powerful engine work hand-in-hand to ensure that you are able to dig and cultivate the land with ease. Ideally suited for gardens and small landscaping works.
Leaf Blower

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