Page 96 - Arvill 2019 Catalogue
P. 96

  Reciprocating Saw
This 36V cordless reciprocating saw features a
revolutionary grip and ergonomically positioned controls, this piece of equipment is light weight and has a compact design to allow greater performance in such applications as cutting wood, overhead pipes and flash cutting etc.
 Mobile Site Table Saws
Powerful, lightweight, accurate and easy to use saw encased in a steel roll cage. 24" of rip easily cuts a variety of larger shelving, trims materials and quickly rips through hardwoods. Features adjustable rear feet designed to level the saw on uneven work surfaces and table coating reduces friction for smoother cutting. Max Cut Depth 77mm.
  This heavy-duty site and construction saw copes with the extreme daily requirements of use on construction sites. Ideal for the fast rip cutting of beams, boards and wood, with a unique tubular bended design, all steel construction with torsion resistant frame guarantees stability under construction site conditions. Maximum cutting height is 157mm.
To see our complete range of sawing equipment go to the red Sawing section on pages 44-51

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