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                                 (First To Flash-Nagano Moon, Thank(Chicks A Blazin-Jess Satin, by Major Rime) You by Mr Jess Perry)
   (Royal Quick Dash-Tempered Glass, by Streakin Six)
to all of our established and new clients for your trusting support, enabling us to have a productive and prosperous season!
We are blessed and grateful to be a part of producing continued generations of champions.
(First Moonflash-Subtly Sixy, by Streakin Sixes)
 (Walk Thru Fire-Babe On The Fly, by Strawfly Special)
TB (Dome-Elated Again, by Geiger Counter)
TB (Storm Cat-She’s Tops by Capote)
TB (Distorted Humor- Flaming Heart, by Touch Gold)
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