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                                IMPORTANT REMINDERS
  NMHBA Mailing Address
The NMHBA PO Box has been closed. Please send all correspondence to: 4836 Hardware Dr. NE, Suite B Albuquerque, NM 87109.
Broodmares In Foal Leaving the State of NM
Digital Certificates for TBs
Starting with all 2018 TB foals, The Jockey Club is issuing digital certificates rather than physical papers. Please fill out your NMHBA memberships and New Mexico Bred applications as usual. Once the Association has a paid application on file and The Jockey Club has issued you your certificate, we can digitally add our New Mexico Bred Stamp to the papers. Please do not assign us the certificate as it is not necessary for us to complete the registration. However, please notify us when the Jockey Club has completed your horse’s registration.
If you have any questions about the Digital Certificates, contact The Jockey Club for assistance at
Just a Reminder
• TheNMHBAhasthree(3)separatecomponentstotheBredregistry. • NM Bred registration
• NM Broodmare registration
• NM Stallion registration
Keep in mind, just because a horse has NM Bred status, that individual horse is not automatically placed in the Broodmare and Stallion registry. The Broodmare and Stallion registrations are separate from the Bred registration.
Registration Papers for QHs
If you have NM Bred Quarter Horses that have been renamed or have been given a reissued set of registration papers, you need to get them re-stamped by the NMHBA office. You can either mail them to the Office or hand carry the papers into the office at 4836 Hardware Dr. NE, Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87109.
Through May 20, 2019
• Bean,Sandra
• Bond,S.Roberta
• Briones,Adolfo
• Broussard, Jacob
• Castillo,BlasDuran
• Chavez, Abel
• Diaz, M. Victor
• Earhart,Max
• Esquivel, Juan
• French, Joseph III
• Gallagher, Darcy
• Garcia, Antonio, Jr.
• Herriage, Stephen D.
• James, John
• Peterson Stallion Farm, LLC • Quintero, Edgar
• Rondan, Jesus Jr.
• Salas-Lopez,Lucina
• Thedford, Tanner
 Please note, your mare must be registered in the NM Brood- mare Registry by September 1st of the breeding year. Once the broodmare is registered and is bred to a stallion who is active in theNMStallionregistry,theresultingfoaliseligibleforNM
Bred status. With that said, the NMHBA Trustees voted to amend the form for Broodmares in Foal Leaving the State of NM. The changes were made to allow the owner of these broodmares time to have them confirmed in foal.
Beginning with the 2019 breeding season, the required Brood- mares in Foal to Leave the State of NM form and the $500 fee, will be due on October 1st of the year bred. The form must be post- marked or received in the Association office by that date (October 1st), or a penalty of $2,000.00 will be assessed to make the result- ing foal eligible for New Mexico bred status.NO refund of fees will be made once the broodmare leaves the state of NM.
The Trustees also voted to eliminate the Broodmares in Foal Returning to the state of New Mexico form. However, our form to register a NM Bred foal, details all locations the broodmare was kept during her pregnancy and must be accurately and en- tirely filled out. The Association will still be sending affidavits to farms where broodmares were sent to foal out and may visit these farms, to confirm the mare and/or foal are on the premises.
Failure to return the broodmare to foal in New Mexico will result in the foal NOT being registered as a New Mexico bred and that foal will NOT be eligible for the New Mexico Bred program. Regardless of circumstances, if a broodmare foals out of state, the foal will NOT be eligible for New Mexico Bred status.
Change in Membership Requirements
To receive any incentive checks from the NMHBA ALL owners of horses on the track will now need to be a current member of the Association no later than 90 days after a horse finishes in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.
All memberships are good for a term of one year, January 1st through December 31st and must be renewed. Please call the Association office at 505-262-0224, if you are unsure of the status of your membership.
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